Web Deprecation Metrics

§ document.domain

document.domain's ability to relax the same-origin policy, allowing two same-site pages to synchronously script each other, is a footgun. It complicates the implementation of the single defensible security boundary the web can reasonably uphold, and confounds our ability to cleanly map that boundary onto an underlying process. Ideally, we'll be able to remove this behavior from the platform, as part of a broader shift towards origin-level isolation by default.

The data below is gathered from Chrome's usage statistics, and represents the percentage of Chrome page loads that are affected by document.domain either allowing or blocking a cross-origin access that would have behaved otherwise in its absence.

§ Unisolated SharedArrayBuffer

TODO: explain.

§ MIME Sniffing

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Same-Origin MIME Mismatches

Cross-Origin MIME Mismatches

Worker Mismatches

§ Private Network Access

TODO: explain.

Private Network Access from Nonsecure Contexts

Private Network Access from Secure Contexts

§ javascript: URLs

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§ Bad Markup

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§ <object> and <embed>

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